Publication Readiness Review Consultancy


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This is a consultancy to help you assess the suitability of existing book material for publication on Amazon, as a Kindle book, and potentially as a paper book through their Createspace option as well.

The consultancy will cover:

  • Initial editorial review of the existing material to assess
    • What changes to structure, style or content presentation may be needed to suit a kindle format
    • How much reformatting effort will be required after any editorial changes are done.
    • How competitive the material is likely to be in the current Kindle market
    • What changes to cover illustrations or book descriptions/ marketing blurbs may be required to suit the Kindle market and maximise chances of good sales
    • What initial promotional activities may be needed to maximise chances of good sales, both by the publisher and the author
    • How best the material might be marketed to deliver on the goals that the author wishes to target from publication of the book.
  • A market status review of current material available on Kindle, which would logically be seen as competing product.
  • A 60 minute phone or Skype call to discuss the findings of the review
  • A written summary of all results

To make this consultancy possible, you will be expected to provide the following:

  • At a minimum, the TOC, first chapter and last chapter of the book material, to allow review.
  • Details of any previous publications of the material – where, what format, and some comments on the success of that publication.
  • Information on what data formats you currently hold copies of the material in (eg .pdf, .doc etc)
  • Answers to a questionnaire we will provide, with respect to your goals and aims from the intended publication to Kindle. (eg, increased authority in your market, drive leads to another website etc etc)
  • Your availability at a suitable time for the Skype call, noting that we may be in widely variant time zones.

If, after this consultancy is completed, you decide to proceed with one of our standard publishing packages, 50% of the cost of this consultancy will be applied as a discount to the cost of the package that you select.