Orroral Station Played a Key Part in Tracking Manned Space Flight.....

Are YOU Ready to Help Us Preserve the History of Tracking Manned Space Flight?

Philip Clark lived and breathed operations at Orroral for 20 years - and kept a record of everything.  Now he wants your support, to bring that history to the world, in a very special book.
The station itself is gone - the pictures, records and interviews are all we have left to remember with.  If we don't preserve them, as a legacy for future generations, this key part of the history of human exploration of space will be lost - forever.
We can't let that happen!

So we are launching a Kickstarter campaign, to fund the preparation, publishing and promoting of this amazing book, preserving the legacy of the incredible achievements of space tracking technology.
So Please - CLICK THAT BUTTON and sign up now - so that we can tell you as soon as the campaign is live.  We're counting on YOU!